Curious about what moves us? Or do you have another question? At AG Logistics Services, we want to provide you with the best possible service.


To contact AG Logistics Services:

Call the phone number of the branch concerned on the right side of this page or mail to: info@aglogistics.nl


To contact AG Transport:

Call: +31 (0)318 - 575 931 or mail: info@agtransport.nl

Our contact details

AG Logistics Services Ede
Daltonstraat 1
6718 XD Ede
AG Logistics Services Oosterhout (Park15)
Rietgraaf 2-4
6678 PJ Oosterhout (Gld.)
AG Logistics Services Beuningen
IJzerwerf 10-12
6641 TK Beuningen
AG Logistics Services Duiven
Toekomst 5
6921 PW Duiven
LSE Venlo
Heierkerkweg 1 
5928 RM Venlo