Value Added Logistics

Value Added Logistics covers all services that transcend the import and export of goods. Literally services that add value to the logistics process. At AG Logistics Services we offer a wide range of these services.


Unloading sea containers is a piece of cake for us. We also have sealing machines in-house to (re) seal pallets. Do you have special requirements? No problem.

Building displays

You can also contact us for the construction of displays. We assemble the displays in our warehouse, fill them with your products if necessary, put the displays on a pallet, seal the pallet and prepare it for transport. We can also arrange the transport of course. 


We check all incoming products for quality. We employ special quality employees for this, if necessary with the desired expertise. In addition, we pay close attention to hygienic conditions and our employees follow quality courses. It goes without saying that AG Logistics Services considers quality to be of paramount importance. Besides our ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000 and Skal Bio certification we work according to HACCP guidelines.


Cross docking is the transport of goods, without intermediate storage. This can be useful, for example to reduce shipments: a large cargo comes in, we ensure that every pallet ends up in the right trailer. With cross docking, the incoming goods are immediately loaded for outgoing transport. One trailer out, the other in. This saves time and money.