In our brand new warehouse at Park15 in Oosterhout near Nijmegen, we have no less than 55,000 m2 to serve our customers. One of these customers is Logoplaste, a leading global producer of sustainable plastic packaging. Through a joint partner, Logoplaste and AG Logistics came together and started working together.

Since its foundation in 1976, Logoplaste has grown into a company with 63 factories spread across 18 countries in almost all parts of the world, employing more than 2,500 people. One of these employees is Marten de Boer, logistics manager at the Elst location. We spoke to him about our collaboration.


Logoplaste has become big with its innovative production method wall-to-wall manufacturing (also called hole-in-the-wall manufacturing), which eliminates excessive packaging and transport as much as possible. And even in locations where wall-to-wall manufacturing is not available, production is always in partnership with a single customer. "No form of packaging goes out the door here with the intention of being packaged and used at someone other than our regular partner," Marten says.

There are many advantages to working this way. You don't need stocks, warehouse capacity or a warehouse manager. You deliver directly from machine to packing line, as it were. Nevertheless, there are a number of Logoplaste locations where production is not wall-to-wall, such as in Elst. That too has its advantages. Marten explains: "With wall-to-wall you rotate according to the customer's capacity utilization. For our partner in Elst we can use our own machines. As a result, we run much higher utilization rates. That way we work even more efficiently."


Marten has been working at Logoplaste for over ten years now. But he has been involved with logistics for much longer. He says: "Logistics is in my blood. I have been working in it for almost 40 years. It is a dynamic profession and never boring. I have also seen this during the past ten years here at Logoplaste: the hectic nature of logistics. We run a huge operation here every day. Each day we have about 30 to 35 loads leaving the door, which is about 1,800-1,900 pallets. It's up to me to monitor the quality, check the sales and book the transport. Guaranteeing food safety and organizing returnable packaging are also part of the job."


With such a large operation, a party with good response time is indispensable. Especially since a large project is planned soon at Logoplaste. Marten: "At the beginning of this year one of our machines will be replaced. But of course we want to keep up with our partner's production. So we need external warehousing for about 3,000 pallets."

This warehousing Logoplaste has entrusted to us. It is a large volume, for which we have the capacity at Park15. Moreover, at this location we are close to Logoplaste Elst, which makes it easier for the process to run smoothly. It's not for nothing that we say we are the flexible logistics partner that switches quickly. "At AG Logistics the flexibility and clarity is very high," agrees Marten.


In addition to flexibility, Logoplaste and AG Logistics both consider responding to the wishes of the customer to be important. Marten: "In principle, everything should be possible and we should always try to satisfy the customer. That is something I also feel at AG. In our contact person, for example, I see the same drive and passion as in myself.

"We have very short and clear lines of communication with each other. The way we deal with each other and communicate works very well. Even if something unexpected does not go as planned, we both choose to work together. And we haven't even been working together that long. The fact that I am saying this after just under a year says a lot.”

"The volumes in our operation continue to increase," Marten concludes. "The installation of a new machine means, of course, that we will only produce more. So I hope we can continue the cooperation with AG Logistics in the current way."