In 2022, AG Logistics will be 6 years young and sister company AG Transport will be entering its seventeenth year of existence. Although the year has already started, we would like to take a moment to share our intentions. Director Arie Thomassen talks about our ambitions and plans for the coming year.


First, a brief look back at 2021. A year that was all about growth. Our company has expanded from the distribution centers in Ede and Oosterhout to no less than 5 locations, where we have 110,000 m2 of warehouse capacity and a team of more than 250 employees in total. Locations that we also equipped with the latest technologies last year, such as the Automatic Layer Picker.

Arie: "Our customers have growth ambitions. And so do we. In order to realize that growth, we focus on things like automation and increasing capacity. In this way we create more volume and can continue to meet the growing and changing demands of the customer."


"We plan to continue that upward trend in 2022. Innovating and becoming more sustainable is in our blood and is therefore a fixed point in our agenda. In fact, we always want to do more. After all, the demand for logistics solutions is not getting any less. That is why we will be investing heavily this year to achieve more growth.

"For example, by automating, so that we remain innovative and therefore ahead of the market. In this way, our customers will also be ahead of the market. There are costs involved, but we don't shy away from that. It is precisely this courage to innovate that characterizes us as a company.

"It is also necessary to spread out in order to be able to switch quickly and provide tailor-made solutions. Two things we are committed to, now and in the future. That's why I think it's important that we don't compromise on this when our capacity increases. Because it will certainly increase: we are planning to further expand our locations in Oosterhout and Venlo. One way is by entering into new collaborations with parties close to these distribution centers. That way we can streamline our process even further."


"I am enormously proud of our growth. And would therefore like to emphasize that although our entrepreneurial nature contributes to this, it is mainly our people who make it possible. This is therefore another aspect in which I want to grow in the coming years - not just in 2022. The human factor is the connecting factor within the company. I also work from pleasure in connecting with people, ever since I started with AG Transport. That's what makes the company what it is today."

As far as we are concerned, 2022 will be a year in which we go for it in full force again. We are not only making plans for growth, but also simply doing business now. Because that is what we continue to believe in - the power of now. For and together with our customers. Here's to a beautiful and lucrative year!